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20-Inch-Diameter Freezer Rack Systems

Custom BioGenic Systems carries various 20-inch-diameter rack systems for liquid-nitrogen freezers. The liquid-nitrogen (LN2) rack systems are for 2-inch-, 3-inch- and 3.75-inch-high boxes. We also carry one variant of the 20-inch-diameter rack systems for freezer storage boxes consisting of compartments for 2-inch-high boxes and mini racks. The 20-inch-diameter cryogenic storage racks are made of stainless steel, making them robust in the low temperatures they are intended for, easy to clean and easy to label. They are also easy to see from the side, or you can pull the rack up and view the contents from the top. The 20-inch LN2 freezer storage racks come with a locking rod to keep your cryogenic materials safe during everyday use. These rack systems also come with the option of dividers of different materials, such as cardboard and stainless steel. As you optimize your vertical storage or work toward more efficient organization, Custom BioGenic Systems provides you the platform to achieve your goals.