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3-Inch Cardboard Cryo Boxes With Dividers

Ready to improve your cryo storage process? Our 3-inch cardboard cryogenic box with dividers provides an ideal method for storing vials and other materials. The dividers are easy to modify and manipulate to fit the specific needs of your research and lab. The 3-inch cardboard cryopreservation box with grid dividers allows the user to easily ensure proper separation between different materials stored within the box. These boxes are ideal for larger cryo freezer racks.

Easy to store, use and move, our 3-inch cryo boxes with dividers measure 5.25”x5.25”x3” (LxWxH). They are stackable and easy to label as the outside is cardboard. Additionally, they are robust in nature and able to withstand sudden temperature changes. These cost-effective 3-inch cardboard vial storage boxes with cell dividers won’t let you down with their ease of use. Ordering 3-inch cardboard cryo boxes with dividers is simple with Custom Biogenic Systems!

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