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31-Inch-Diameter LN2 Freezer Rack Systems

As a global leader in cryogenic equipment, Custom Biogenic Systems provides several types of 31-inch-diameter racks systems for liquid-nitrogen freezers. The 31-inch-diameter racks systems for freezer storage boxes are available for 2-inch, 3-inch and 3.75-inch-high boxes along with 2-inch-high boxes with mini racks for your convenience. Composed of stainless steel, a material that is resistant to corrosives, the 31-inch-diameter cryogenic storage racks come complete with cardboard or plastic boxes for the 2- and 3.75-inch-high boxes; the 3-inch-high boxes only come in cardboard, and the 2-inch-high boxes with mini racks come in cardboard, plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. These 31-inch-diameter LN2 freezer storage racks aid in the organization and inventory of your materials. With up to 221 spaces for your storage needs, these racks will help maintain organizational structure while keeping the materials compact within the freezer and may help with efficiency when obtaining the required samples.