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39-Inch Freezer Storage Systems for 3 3/4"-High Boxes

Custom Biogenic Systems has a 39-inch-diameter freezer storage racks system for 3.75"-high boxes, which is the largest storage box size that we offer. Each 39-inch-diameter racks system for 3.75"-high freezer storage boxes contains 28 individual racks with spaces for 224 total boxes and dividers. The 39-inch-diameter cryogenic storage racks for 3.75"-high boxes can be used in both stand-up or chest freezers, and the racks can easily be moved or picked up to find the inventory that is required. The cryogenic inventory is kept secure with stock locking rods. Our 39-inch-diameter LN2 freezer storage racks for 3.75"-high boxes are made out of stainless steel, which offers strength and robustness to corrosive chemicals. The racks systems provide a sturdy unit for keeping your cryogenic materials safe and secure while under cryogenic temperatures. The freezer racks systems are just shy of 32 inches tall, making them ideal for many different sized cryogenic freezers so that they can meet your laboratory's needs.

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