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Cardboard Box Dividers

Simple, versatile cardboard dividers help keep samples organized! These dividers come in multiple sizes and are safe for use in liquid nitrogen tanks at temperatures as low as -196 degrees Celsius.

Cardboard box dividers are a versatile solution to customize the storage capacity of cryogenic rack boxes and provide complete adaptability to a variety of needs. The simple purpose of these cardboard separators is to be used as inserts in carboard boxes to divide them into a number of cells for vial storage. In our selection, you will find cardboard dividers in a variety of cell-capacity box-size options. Whatever your cryopreservation tasks are, we offer the cardboard grid dividers that will accomodate most requirements for your demanding process. Each cardboard box divider is backed up by Custom BioGenic Systems’ unmatched standards of quality control and assurance.