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Custom BioGenic Systems Cryo-Cube Custom BioGenic Systems Cryo-Cube

The MVE CryoCubeâ„¢ provides a cryogenic shipping option for your biological samples. In keeping with MVE tradition, the CryoCube incorporates creative engineering and simplistic design to allow shipping in any orientation without sacrificing temperature or hold time.

Our Price: $678.25
Sale Price: $644.34
Savings: $33.91
CF-9511 CF-9511

TR-10 Liquid Nitrogen Transport Container (Not Certified for Shipping).

The CF-9511 Transport container is primarily used for moving frozen samples over short distances, such as from one lab to another. Double wall, all stainless steel construction along with multi-layer insulation in vacuum space guarantee a durable, efficient product.

Our Price: $1,255.98
Sale Price: $1,193.18
Savings: $62.80
LN2 Dry Shipper LN2 Dry Shipper

Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shipper

Our Price: $3,782.37
Sale Price: $3,593.25
Savings: $189.12
The CBS shippers are designed for the safe transporatioan of biological samples at cryogenic (-150C or colder) temperatures. Manufactured from durable, lightweight aluminum, the shippers use a hydrophobic compound which absorbs the liquid nitrogen to ensure dry, spill-free vapor-phase shipping. A protective sipping carton is also avaialbe. These containers may be used to ship your smaples with "non-hazardous" classifcation throughout the wrold, thus reducing costs and helping to assure sample viability.