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Aluminum Storage Boxes for Cryopreservation

From planning to measurement, each detail of an efficient cryopreservation program is important. Stakeholders may be tempted to opt for the first cryogenic storage equipment that fits the bill, but researching the best products for each use case is crucial. At Custom BioGenic Systems, we aren’t just another machinery company. Our commitment to excellence in biotechnology is self-evident in our cryo aluminum boxes. Each of our 2-inch-deep, 3-inch-deep and mini aluminum boxes for cryo storage is manufactured to perfect specifications in the U.S.A. Made to withstand temperatures as low as -196 degrees Celsius, our aluminum storage boxes are ideal for use in LN2 tanks.

Custom BioGenic Systems offers a wide variety of boxes and dividers to suit any customer’s storage needs. The simple design offers a versatile use and can be used in liquid nitrogen tanks at temperatures to -196°C. We offer cardboard, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and pie boxes as well as cardboard dividers.