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Cryogenic Frames

Whether you are developing a new cryogenic storage program or refining your storage policies and procedures, investing in the best frames for cryogenic canisters for the job is key to keeping your lab or facility running smoothly. No one understands the specialized needs of the biotechnical space quite like Custom BioGenic Systems. Our frames for cassettes are made from stainless steel for durability. We manufacture frames for Baxter/Fenwal canisters, Chartermed, Gambro and others. Each of our cryo frames is designed so that blood bags can be stored horizontally and lowered into the freezer safely and with ease. Find yours today!

Custom Biogenic Systems manufactures stainless steel canister frames that are specially made to store Baxter/Fenwal, Chartermed, Gambro and Medsep blood bags in our cryogenic freezers. Bags are stored horizontally in the interior which is then fitted into the steel frame and lowered into the freezer. Our frames are corrosion resistant and include handles for easy insertion and removal.