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Cryogenic Freezer Racks

Custom BioGenic Systems doesn't just manufacture the top-quality cryogenic freezers on the market - we offer comprehensive cryogenic storage solutions, too. Our cryogenic inventory-control rack systems are available in 20-, 30- and 39-inch-diameter models to nest securely inside of every freezer model. These liquid-nitrogen freezer racks work in conjunction with cryogenic inventory-control systems to streamline cold storage in a variety of cryopreservation programs in biotechnical fields, including veterinary medicine, horticulture, industrial, pharmaceutical and research. No one understands biotechnology better than Custom BioGenic Systems, so find your storage solution with us today!

In addition to cryogenic freezer equipment, we supply upright freezer racks, chest freezer racks, liquid nitrogen freezer racks, canisters / cassettes and frames as well as laboratory boxes and dividers. By understanding the needs of the biotechnology industry, Custom Biogenic Systems provides superior laboratory cryogenic freezers and complete inventory control rack systems that support veterinarian, horticulture, pharmaceutical, industrial, scientific and research laboratories and banks.