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Cryogenic Protective Aprons

Liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic liquids, as well as their gases and vapors, can cause severe injury to the skin. To protect your torso and upper legs, Custom Biogenics Systems offers cryogenic protective aprons in small, medium and large. A cryogenic safety apron is made from state-of-the-art material, layered for maximum thermal protection. The outer shell is made from waterproof nylon, which prevents splashes from penetrating the protective layers. Adjustable straps offer the ability to comfort fit the cryo apron to the body, while quick-release buckles make it easy to get out of the cryogenic apron if an accident occurs. Whether you need a science lab apron or require protection in a production area, the cryo aprons available here at Custom Biogenics Systems are the answer.

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Small Waterproof CryoApron - CA36 Small Waterproof CryoApron - CA36

CryoApron, Waterproof, Small (36-Inches).

List Price: $233.40
Medium Waterproof CryoApron - CA42 Medium Waterproof CryoApron - CA42

CryoApron, Waterproof, Medium (42-Inches).

List Price: $252.64
Large Waterproof CryoApron - CA48 Large Waterproof CryoApron - CA48

CryoApron, Waterproof, Large (48-Inches).

List Price: $271.89
In cryogenic environments, Custom Biogenic Systems provides protection in the highest way possible. With our cryo-aprons (offered in small, medium and large), they protect your torso and upper legs from hazardous liquid nitrogen environments.