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Plastic Freezer Storage Boxes

Maintaining a safe and efficient cryogenic storage environment requires attention to detail. Whether for research or for clinical application, plastic boxes for vial storage in extreme cold are key for preservation. Even though it may seem like putting vials inside of another container doesn’t require much forethought, the deep cold environment presents a unique set of risks to consider. Therefore, plastic cryogenic storage containers designed especially for use in an upright freezer are crucial for every facility that uses cryogenic technology. Custom Biogenic Systems offers a variety of plastic freezer boxes and dividers rated to safely store biomedical specimens at temperatures as low as -196°C. Find the size you need today!

Custom BioGenic Systems offers a wide variety of boxes and dividers to suit any customer’s storage needs. The simple design offers a versatile use and can be used in liquid nitrogen tanks at temperatures to -196°C. We offer cardboard, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and pie boxes as well as cardboard dividers.