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Cryogenic Tissue Storage Cassettes/Canisters

Canisters and cassettes for cryogenic storage of blood bags and cryogenic bags in liquid nitrogen.

Cryogenic samples can be tiny or completely flat in today's distinct industries. At Custom Biogenic Systems, we strive to support every cold-storage need with custom cryogenic cassettes. With an aluminum construction, these canisters store many sample types, including tissue. Simply match your manufacturer's bag to the canister style. Your sample slips inside with ease as you use the handle to maneuver the canister into its frame. Cryogenic tissue storage is reliable and accessible with our products leading the way.

Read over the dimensions on these canister storage bags before purchasing them. Our team can always point out the best solution for your cryogenic setup. You always have the option of working on a custom project with us. Custom Biogenic Systems understands that you have unique needs within your industry. We're proud to support industrial, veterinary and biotechnology pursuits. Advancements are always possible with cold storage as a valuable tool.

Custom BioGenic Systems canisters are constructed of lightweight aluminum including handle and thumb hole. We also offer frames constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel including lifting handle. Custom cassettes and custom frames are available upon request. Please contact sales@custombiogenics.com for more information on custom requests.