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    XC Cryogenic Storage Systems

    When you need compact and reliable storage for your laboratory specimens, turn to Custom Biogenic Systems. We stock a huge inventory of large LN2 dewars products. Fill these containers with either straws or vials. Their tough construction prevents temperature fluctuations, which leads to well-preserved specimens. A large liquid-nitrogen dewar doesn't have to be overly expensive either. You'll find competitive prices for cryogenic storage dewar with Custom Biogenic Systems.

    Each large dewar container for liquid nitrogen may look identical, but look closer into the internal capacity. Each container can hold as many specimens as you desire. Your facility simply needs the footprint space for the liquid-nitrogen storage dewar. Our team can help you make an educated decision on any purchase. These products give you the peace of mind necessary to carry on with the latest research. Your respected industry deserves quality storage from Custom Biogenic Systems.

The Cryosystem Series combines the benefits of low nitrogen consumption with mid-range vial capacity to meet the diverse needs of today's professionals worldwide.  The lightweight and low-space demands of these containers make them the most economical units in their class.