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Founded in 1987, Custom Biogenic Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacture of state of the art liquid nitrogen laboratory freezers, cryogenic equipment and accessories. The CBS Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Storage System was patented in 2000 and Custom Biogenic Systems continues to be an innovative leader in the design of cryogenic equipment and supplies. In addition to cryopreservation equipment, we supply upright freezer racks, chest freezer racks, liquid nitrogen freezer racks, canisters / cassettes and frames as well as laboratory boxes and dividers. By understanding the needs of the biotechnology industry, Custom Biogenic Systems provides superior laboratory freezers and complete inventory control rack systems that support veterinarian, horticulture, pharmaceutical, industrial, scientific and research laboratories and banks.

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Custom Biogenic Systems leads the world in cryogenic systems and storage. Our patented jacket technology allows laboratory technicians, nurses and medical specialists to store hundreds of vials without the risk of cross-contamination. As the only cryogenic equipment manufacturer to offer cryogenic storage systems that do not put containers in contact with liquid, we are proud to offer our cryo equipment for medical facilities directly from our warehouse.

For over 30 years, Custom Biogenic Systems has been an innovator in cryogenic technology. You can trust cryogenic storage solutions from Custom Biogenics because we aren’t just a cryogenic equipment manufacturer - we understand the needs of the biotechnology industry and we listen. Shop our cryogenic storage solutions, and you’ll see why our American-made cryogenic freezers are sought-after worldwide!