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Economic Liquid-Nitrogen Vapor Freezers

CBS EcoVapor Series - Vapor Storage LN2 Freezers

Ideal for small clinics or laboratories, this line of liquid-nitrogen vapor phase storage systems from Custom BioGenic Systems promises economic cryopreservation storage with a small budget in mind. At Custom BioGenic Systems, we believe that safety is the backbone of cryopreservation, not an afterthought. Our commitment to your safety is the reason our American-made LN2 vapor storage systems feature patented liquefied-gas storage technology and lockable lightweight lids. Storing LN2 underneath samples presents less risk to laboratory technicians. It also eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination, protecting the accuracy of your samples and improving the repeatability of medical research experiments. Request a quote today!

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EV24 EV24

EV24 - EcoVapor Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

EV10 EV10

EV10 - EcoVapor Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

EV46 EV46

EV46 - EcoVapor Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

EV27 EV27

EV27 - EcoVapor Liquid Nitrogen Freezer


Cost-effective and efficient sample storage

  • Capacities from 10,725 to 46,150 2ml vials
  • Superior temperature uniformity
  • Custom engineered vapor insert*
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Auto-fill controller
***Patent Pending
The EV27 & EV46 use the same full size lid and
console as our Isothermal models.
** -177°C average internal temperature
** Outstanding temperature uniformity
** LN2 below the storage area providing
vapor storage with no LN2 contact


The EV10 & EV24 feature a lightweight, lockable, lift-off lid.