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Are plastic boxes or cardboard boxes better for storage?
  Choosing the right storage box for you is personal preference.  Cardboard boxes are lighter in weight and are cheaper in upfront cost, but will need to be replaced overtime.  The same box will hold several different divider sizes.  Plastic boxes are sturdier so do not need to be replaced as often, but are heavier.  They also have built in dividers that are fixed in place and cannot be changed.
How do I choose a rack to fit my freezer?
  To choose a rack you must determine what type of freezer you are storing them in, and what type of box you are using with the rack. If your freezer has a side loading door it is an upright freezer and you will need upright racks. If your freezer has a top loading door it is a chest freezer and you will need chest racks. Once you determine if you need an upright or chest rack, you can choose based on the type of box you are storing. Finally, choose your rack based on the usable interior dimensions of your freezer. Be sure to take into account any shelving or protrusions into the storage area. All of our dimensions are listed with each rack, so remember: measure twice, order once!

We have a large selcetion of racks that fit most needs. if you can't find something quite right, please contact us at; Custom is oru name!
How do I properly label my racks and boxes?
  Custom Biogenic Systems offers Cryo-Markers to label boxes and/or racks.  In addition, for a long lasting solution to labeling racks, we offer the option to laser cut numbers and letters into the top of each rack.  This cuts out the alphanumeric characters of your choice (i.e. 1-17, A-G, 1A, etc...), will not fade over time, and is easily visible while the rack is in the freezer.  Stickers with barcodes are also an option that we do not provide, but care must be taken to ensure the glue will hold in a cryogenic environment.
How do my canisters stay inside of the frames?
  We offer Platform Dividers to go inside of liquid nitrogen chest freezers.  These allow you to store your canisters and frames without them tipping over.  The frames are also designed so only an inch of canister is outside of the frame, just enough to easily remove.  Additionally, the frames have a handle on top that is located towards the front so when a frame is pulled from the freezer, it will naturally lean back keeping the cansters in place.
What is a "Special" box and divider?
  Standard boxes in cryogenics are 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" and come in heights of 2 inches and 3 inches. They hold several size dividers, with the most common being an 81 cell divider (D81) and a 100 cell divider (D100). The 81 cell divider has a cell opening of 13mm (0.5") and accommodates both internally and externally threaded vials. The 100 cell divider has an opening of 11mm (0.45") and accommodates only internally threaded vials. This is because the external cap requires more space between each vial.

To maximize your freezer space, we have "Special" boxes and dividers. They are 5 3/8" x 5 3/8" and come in heights of 2" (1.63" wiht the lid completely closed) and 3" (2.88" wiht the lid completely closed. These boxes hold a 100 cell special divider, the D100S. This divider has a cell opening of 13mm (0.5"), which is the same as the common D81. This has enough room for externally threaded and larger vials and allows you to hold 19 more vials per box, greatly increasing yoru vial storage capacity.
Why are my cardboard boxes damaged? How often should they be replaced?
  Cardboard boxes are a great choice for long term storage.  Since liquid nitrogen is dry, the boxes are not affected by the moisture in our atmosphere.  Because of this, the cardboard remains intact for a long period of time.  If the boxes are being accessed on a regular basis, frost forms on the racks and boxes when removed from the freezer.  The ice can melt on the boxes, softening and weakening the cardboard material.  Removing the boxes from and replacing them back into the metal racks once they are wet can cause damage.  If you notice visible damage, or the boxes are not as sturdy as you would like, you may wish to replace them.
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