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Beast Series
  Coming Fall of 2018 Custom BioGenic Systems Beast Series
Our engineering and production team have worked diligently to design and manufacture the LARGEST storage vessel on the market. Custom Biogenic Systems Beast Series of freezers have capacities in excess of 200,000 (2ml vials). Please fill out the form below and one of our sales team members will contact you to answer all your questions about The Beast Series.


How do I choose a rack to fit my freezer?
  To choose a rack you must determine what type of freezer you are storing them in, ans what type of box you are using with the rack. If your freezer has a side loading door it is an upright freezer and you will need upright racks. If your freezer has a top loading door it is a chest freezer and you will need chest racks. Once you determine if you need an upright or chest rack, you can choose based on the type of box you are storing. Finally, choose your rack based on the usable interior dimensions of your freezer. Be sure to take into account any shelving or protrusions into the storage area. All of our dimensions are listed with each rack, so remember: measure twice, order once!

We have a large selection of racks that fit most needs. If you can't find something quite right, please contact us at; Custom is our name!

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How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.
Free shipping on qualifying orders
  Custom Biogenic Systems Inc offers free shipping on qualifying online orders of $500.00 or more.  Please look for the free shipping icon to see which items qualify for free shipping.  Exclusions may apply.