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Isothermal Straw Freezer

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  • Ideal for straw storage applications.
  • Isothermal dry storage with uniform temperatures throughout the freezer from -195C to -190C.
  • Three level rotating carousel provides convenient inventory control and maximizes storage space.
  • The middle and lower levels are ideal for medium and long term storage respectively, while the upper level can be used for storage and as a work space for viewing and manipulating samples at -190C.
  • Easy and Safe retrieval of samples using the patented retrieval tool.

How the system works

360 straws in goblets are stored in
each canister (10 straws per goblet)

Maximum capacity is subject to straw
diameter. Straws and goblets are not
The upper level provides a
convenient work space where
canisters can be parked (shown
in green) and samples inspected
at -190C.
Rotating carousels provide
access to lower storage
levels and maximize
storage space.

Why is dry storage important?

Storage in liquid nitrogen can make vials shrink. This may cause liquid nitrogen to seep into the vials, which on re-warming, expand and subsequently explode as nitrogen vaporizes inside the vials. Dry storage eliminates this possibility. Also, the Isothermal design provides added user safety by eliminating contact with or splashing of liquid nitrogen.

Cross Contamination
Studies have shown that viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens can survive after suspension in liquid nitrogen. Infected samples can cross contaminate other samples in the same liquid nitrogen tank. Dry storage greatly reduces the possibility of cross contamination.