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Rely on liquid nitrogen to freeze your samples with a wide lab freezer from Custom Biogenic Systems. We stock the latest designs in laboratory freezers so that you can get your work done and stored. Lift open the wide lid to access the perfectly arranged racks. Space optimization is the goal with every ultra-low freezer. Simply pick the size that works for your application. Science and industry move ahead with the right tools in place.

Each vessel is fully insulated with integrated alarms. Wide-lid LN2 freezers must meet the strictest of standards, and your research benefits with tight controls on temperature. Open the lid multiple times a day. The temperature won't budge from your preset position. Choose from our top six models in various sizes, including the S-90AB and S-5000AB. At Custom Biogenic Systems, we're pleased to assist you in finding the perfect storage system.

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Benefits to the Custom Biogenic Systems Standard Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

  • Round, space saving design.
  • Stainless steel, vacuum insulated vessel.
  • Wide lid opening for easy access to all racks.
  • Ease of operation plus flexibility to operate vapor storage, immersion storage or a combination of both to store any type or size of sample.
  • Each unit includes a liquid level, auto-fill and alarm system to provide security.

CBS freezers offer a wide lid opening that allows easy access to all racks and provides and extensive variety of inventory solutions.

13 2 12 2
S1500AB stainless steel,
standard square rack
9,100 vial capacity
S5000EHAB stainless
steel Baxter Fenwal
4R9951 canister & frame
1,140 canister capacity(250ml)
Special LN2
Cryo bag canisters and
Chest racks