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Mid-Arm-Length Water-Resistant Cryo Gloves

Mid-Arm Length Cryo-Glove

List Price: $190.65

Product Code: MA

Size sm-xl:

Features Specifications
Handling liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic liquids is inherently dangerous. You need gloves that can keep you safe while giving you optimal dexterity. These mid-arm-length water-resistant gloves for liquid nitrogen make it safer to handle closed cryogenic systems and dry ice without problems. The mid-arm-length cryogenic gloves for liquid nitrogen have a lining that makes wearing them long-term more comfortable. They allow the user to get items out of cold freezers while having adequate protection. These mid-arm-length water-resistant freezer gloves are made from high-quality materials designed for long-term use. Don't take chances when it comes to safety. Order these water-repellent cryo gloves today in every size you need. Get free shipping with your order. You can get the best when you order mid-arm-length water-resistant cryogenic safety gloves from Custom Biogenic Systems.
  • Mid-Arm Length Cryo-Glove
  • Water Resistant
  • Length 13.5-15.25 (345-390)

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