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Multiple-Channel Pipettes

Control your samples like a professional with multiple-channel pipettes from Custom Biogenic Systems. With eight to 12 channels on one tool, our multipipette products stand out from the rest. Every motion from the pipette's plunger forces an equal amount of sample into your vials or straws. There's no worry about inaccurate amounts with these multichannel pipettes.

We carry a wide variety of Finnpipette F1 or F1-ClipTip products. Each multichannel micropipette has a specialized design that takes on extreme temperatures and has easy-to-read graduations on the side. These pipettes have slightly different volumes, so be sure to pick the product that works for your industry. Custom Biogenic Systems supports many industries, including chemical processing and the medical and electronic sectors. Add a thermo multichannel pipette to your laboratory to see the difference it makes in your productivity. They are also available to buy in bulk. Custom Biogenic Systems stocks many products for your business success.