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Single-Channel Pipettes

Custom Biogenic Systems offers lightweight, ergonomic single channel pipettes in both fixed and variable volume models for precise and accurate

Make precision a habit in the laboratory with a single-channel pipette from Custom Biogenic Systems. We offer a wide range of pipettes, including fixed and variable volume. Whether you work in rocketry or medicine, accurate pipetting is critical when performing daily tasks. Consider the latest products, including the single-channel electronic pipette. Each tool has a comfortable shape for those countless hours of experimentation leading to project completion.

Enjoy our huge inventory of both F1-ClipTip single-channel lab pipettes and Finnpipette F1 pipettes. Every industry requires a different volume of single-channel micropipettes. Browse through our inventory to find the perfect match. Zoom in on the measurement counter along the pipette's outside housing. No mistakes will happen in your lab with pipettes that are easy to read even with safety goggles on. Contact Custom Biogenic Systems today with any questions. Our 30+ years of service providing automated products with precision-accuracy will benefit your lab.