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Mini Cardboard Cryo Boxes

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2-Inch Mini Cardboard Box with Slots - B2CM 2-Inch Mini Cardboard Box with Slots - B2CM

Box, Mini, Cardboard, 2-Inch High with Slots.

List Price: $2.56
3-Inch Mini Cardboard Box - B3CM 3-Inch Mini Cardboard Box - B3CM

Box, Mini, Cardboard, 3-Inch High with slots.

List Price: $2.56

Our mini cardboard cryo boxes are ideal for storing small samples separately or for keeping small groups of items together within engineering controls. These cost-effective and sturdy mini cardboard storage boxes are easily stackable and moved due to their smaller size. The cardboard material is robust during sudden temperature changes and the boxes are reusable, making them a cost-effective solution for your cryo storage needs.

Measuring 3”x3”x1.875” (LxWxH) and 3”x3”x2.88” (LxWxH), these small cardboard cryogenic boxes are great for smaller cryo freezer racks while providing options for 2- and 3-inch vials. Robust in nature and easy to label due to their material, these mini cardboard cryo boxes are ideal for keeping similar materials together yet separate from other materials. This ensures ease of access to materials while it also guarantees other groups of cryo materials stay within engineering controls and minimizes freeze-thaw cycles of other materials. Ordering your mini cardboard cryo boxes from Custom Biogenic Systems is easy, providing you with a convenient solution for your cryo needs today!

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