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Liquid-Nitrogen Pie Box Storage

Cryogenics often deals with very small samples, including vials. There must be a way to safely organize them within your cold storage. Custom Biogenic Systems is pleased to stock ultra-low freezer pie boxes for your organization needs. The boxes come in a triangular shape, which allows you to arrange them as necessary. Your application dictates the number and orientation of the boxes. With several different materials to choose from, liquid-nitrogen pie box storage is quick and easy.

Match your storage size with the box's dimensions, such as 14-, 16-, 18- or 19-inch diameters. Every product, including the cardboard pie boxes, is strong enough to endure the harshest storage conditions. At Custom Biogenic Systems, our goal is to make you more organized as you focus on research. The box's edges are either 2 or 3 inches tall so that you can see the items in question. There's even a pullout opening for easy access. Stock up on pie boxes today to see your efficiency grow tomorrow.

Custom BioGenic Systems offers a wide variety of boxes and dividers to suit any customer’s storage needs. The simple design offers a versatile use and can be used in liquid nitrogen tanks at temperatures to -196°C. We offer cardboard, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and pie boxes as well as cardboard dividers.