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Upright Freezer Racks (Standard Upright)

You have specimens that require careful storage at all times. Protect your research investment with upright freezer drawer racks from Custom Biogenic Systems. Each rack has a particular dimension and purpose for your laboratory. Try 2-inch standard boxes or a more specific 3.75-inch box. Our upright freezer racks are all made with high-grade steel so that warping isn't an issue. Freezer temperatures drop to extreme levels, but these stainless steel freezer storage racks can withstand nearly any environment.

Browse our inventory to see every dimension listed for each rack, including the length, width and depth. Laboratory freezer storage racks are also available as reversible models or in designs with microtubes in mind. Whether you have well microtiter plates or plasma boxes, our stainless steel freezer racks keep you organized in any industry. Custom Biogenic Systems can assist you with configuring your lab today.

In addition to cryogenic freezer equipment, we supply upright freezer racks, chest freezer racks, liquid nitrogen freezer racks, canisters / cassettes and frames as well as laboratory boxes and dividers. By understanding the needs of the biotechnology industry, Custom Biogenic Systems provides superior laboratory cryogenic freezers and complete inventory control rack systems that support veterinarian, horticulture, pharmaceutical, industrial, scientific and research laboratories and banks.