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Upright Lab Freezer Organizer Racks

Organization is key in the cryogenics industry, so Custom Biogenic Systems offers several styles of lab freezer organizer racks. Access each level without any disruption to the other samples. Their core temperatures remain stable as a result. Browse through our collection of cryogenic organizer racks, which include single-, dual-, triple- or quad-drawer styles. Every professional has his or her own strategy to organizing tubes, containers or other samples.

We stock holders for bag canisters too. Each sample deserves its own niche in an upright lab freezer storage area. At Custom Biogenic Systems, we partner with several industries in order to supply and improve their storage capabilities. Discover the versatility that can be found with our storage drawers, such as choosing between a 7- or 12 5/8-inch height on the unit. Slide the drawer into your cold storage, and it will maximize the space in your upright freezer.

Upright organizer racks offers a solution that provides accommodations for almost any tube, bottle, box and/or vessel. The upright organizer racks are perfect for cryogenic freezers and provide easy entrance to samples without having to take out the complete rack from the cryogenic freezer.