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Value Added Cryosystem Series Dewar Containers for Liquid Nitrogen

Looking for a dewar container for liquid nitrogen that doesn't take up much space but offers low cryogen consumption? The Value Added Cryosystem Series from Custom Biogenics Systems is the answer. These dewars cryogenic vessels have mid-range vial storage capacity and are lightweight for easy transport. The dewars for liquid nitrogen offered in this series come in different sizes, some with roller bases and low-level liquid-nitrogen alarms. The internal square rack offers multiple shelves for box storage. These cryogenic dewars are made from stainless steel and have locking rods to minimize cryogen evaporation and to keep the contents safe. Shop our extensive inventory here at Custom Biogenics Systems.

Custom BioGenic Systems Cryosystems Value Added series combine the benefits of low liquid nitrogen consumption with mid-range vial capacity to meet the diverse needs of today’s professionals worldwide. The lightweight and low-space demands of these containers make them the most economical units in their class.