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Vertical Liquid-Nitrogen Freezer Racks

Keep your specimens at attention with vertical liquid-nitrogen freezer racks from Custom Biogenic Systems. Working with cryogenics is only part of your job. Protecting the samples with proper storage ensures that every item is ready for use at a moment's notice. Our inventory supports the main containers used in most industries today, including 2-, 3- and 3.75-inch boxes. You depend on sturdy racks for liquid-nitrogen storage boxes. Support your laboratory with the highest-quality racks in the marketplace today.

Depending on the size of your vertical stainless steel freezer storage racks, you'll have space for three, four, five or six levels. Fit your samples into each space so that they're easy to see and pull out when necessary. If you don't see the right size for your application, contact Custom Biogenic Systems with your questions. We carry a variety of stainless steel vertical LN2 freezer racks.